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Dear Reader,

This novella is part of my Dash of Darcy Companion Stories Collection. These Pride and Prejudice inspired stories are quick, sweet reads that vary in length from short story to novella and focus on characters other than Darcy and Elizabeth. Due to the short length, they are perfect stories for when life is busy, and you just need a dash of indulgence.

Each of the stories in this collection, such as the one you hold in your hand, is a sequel to a Dash of Darcy story, and just like the Dash of Darcy stories, these companion tales are reimaginings of Jane Austen’s classic tale and her characters.  They are not retellings, so while some points and events may mirror those in Pride and Prejudice, most in these Dash of Darcy Companion Stories will not.  In fact, these stories will include new events and may include interesting new characters.

Happy Reading!


Dear Reader, Copyright © 2017 by Leenie Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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